All rugs produced by Rankin Rugs are intricately hand crafted in a small family-run mill in Bulgaria. With a distinguished heritage in weaving rugs for high profile establishments worldwide, the artisans selected to produce these rugs are few and far between and are some of Europe’s most superior artisans, known for their skill and precision. Rankin Rugs focuses on protecting this ancient rug making technique, preserving the expertise and innovation established hundreds of years ago, by providing a production outlet focused on daring contemporary design and fine art practice. Due to the time consuming and rare nature of the rugs’ production techniques and the specialised manufacturing skills required, all rugs require a manufacturing lead time of 3-4 months minimum.


Our artisans' legacy of luxury and exceptional manufacturing quality is intrinsic to the high-end design of our rugs. Rankin Rugs focuses on locally sourcing the finest materials from Bulgaria, and all rugs are created using original wooden looms and a traditional hand-knotting technique which has been passed down through the generations for hundreds of years. One which is rarely walked on outside of Europe's finest establishments. 

We are committed to high-end quality craftsmanship and design, which means that all our rugs are made of the finest, locally-sourced wool which has been hand-dyed on-site using high quality, eco-friendly dyes. Bold and intricate patterns are meticulously produced to the finest detail and richest colour, with all 125,000 knots per sq.m knotted in place by hand. Please bear in mind that some images of rugs are concept images and 3d renditions, and are for illustrative purposes only - if you would like to confirm wool colours please do let us know and we can supply you with a bespoke yarn card.