We are committed to the highest quality craftsmanship and design, which means that all our rugs are made of 100% natural wool, and hand knotted by expert hand-weavers. All pieces are made to order in a family-run mill in Bulgaria, known for its artisans and heritage in creating some of the most renowned royal carpets across Europe. All rugs are created using a traditional hand knotting technique which has been passed down through the generations for hundred of years. With a high knot count of 125 000 knots per sq.m, bold and intricate patterns are meticulously produced to the finest detail and richest colour.


Responsible trading is a big must for us, with all rugs produced to the highest ethical standards, and all wool is locally-source and hand-dyed on-site, before being expertly hand knotted to precision. High quality, eco-friendly dyes ensure that our colours are bright, with no chemicals or bleaching agents needing to be used during the colour process. Final touches and decorative additions are made by hand in the Rankin Rugs studio in Oxfordshire.

Our leather comes from a prestigious tannery producing some of the world's finest leathers, and is printed locally in the UK. Much like our hand knotted rugs, our leather rugs are made-to-order and use high quality, eco-friendly dyes to ensure that no chemicals, synthetic coatings, or bleaching agents are used during the colour process. The dyes are printed deep into the fibres of the hide and ensure that the bright colours used stay rich and bold. All leather rugs are finished by hand in the Rankin Rugs studio, including shape and customisation additions. The 'Traditional Edit' celebrates Bulgarian traditional costume and jewellery found in different regions of the country. Each rug is hand customised using traditional, decorative embellishments found within the region. 


How to CARE FOR your rug

For both our wool and leather rugs we recommend treating everyday stains and spillages by using a combination of warm water and soft soap. Blot any stains as soon as possible as this will give the best results. Avoid rubbing the rug as this may damage the fibres in the wool or the leather. For tougher stains please get in touch with us or contact a professional. 

All new rugs can shed a bit of fluff, which is simply created from excess fibres during spinning. This is completely normal, and nothing to worry about! The fluffing will cease after a few vacuums. When doing so, make sure that your vacuum is not at the most powerful setting, and avoid using a  cleaner head with teeth as this will damage the rug. 

Equally, if a thread becomes loose in your rug, do not worry, this is also normal.  A sign of the authentic craftsmanship that has gone into making your rug! Do not pull it, but carefully cut it with sharp scissors.

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