Rankin Rugs is a British design brand known for creating exclusive, one of a kind rugs and tapestries for collectors and clients worldwide. All rugs are designed by Founder and designer, Amber Rankin, before being expertly handcrafted in Bulgaria by some of Europe's most distinguished artisans. High-end design and the finest, locally-sourced materials are intrinsic to the brand's rugs and its artisans' legacy of luxury in manufacturing for royalty worldwide; through combining fine art practice with contemporary design, Rankin Rugs focuses on preserving traditional, ancient craftsmanship all the while creating distinctive pieces for luxury homes and interior spaces across the world. All limited edition, collection pieces and custom rugs are crafted on a made to order basis, in order to ensure complete exclusivity in the pieces, as well as to provide clients with the flexibility to fully tailor their designs. 


After graduating from the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, Founder and British designer, Amber Rankin, established Rankin Rugs with the intention of transforming traditional craftsmanship into exclusive pieces of contemporary luxe. "I have always had a strong connection to art and design - my parents have always been great admirers and collectors so I was exposed to it from a very young age, and with that came huge admiration for traditional craft. I've always loved the tradition and sense of attachment that comes with an heirloom, antique rug, or any work of art for that matter - Rankin Rugs transforms that sentiment and sense of superior craftsmanship within the realm of contemporary art and design."