Bringing together confidence in colour and daring contemporary design, Rankin Rugs, is a British design brand specialising in luxury, statement rugs. The brand's collection of rugs serve as bold, stately pieces for those desiring lavish and unrestrained interiors inspired by contemporary aesthetic. Made to order and expertly handknotted in Bulgaria, high-end design and the finest, locally-sourced, eco-friendly materials are intrinsic to the brand's rugs and their artisans' distinguished legacy of luxury; transforming an ancient hand knotting technique into a display of modern design. With references to popular and traditional culture, fine art, and graffiti, the brand revels in collaborating with a range of established designers and artists across interior projects, fashion, and other artistic platforms.

After graduating from the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, Founder and Creative Director, Amber Rankin, built the brand with the aim of transforming traditional motifs into contemporary luxe. "I have always had a huge love for art and design - my parents have always been great admirers and collectors so I was exposed to it from a very young age. I've always loved the tradition that comes with a luxury, antique rug and how powerful it is to transform that sense of superior craftsmanship within the realm of contemporary design."

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